• Seeded Eucalyptus - 5st Seeded Eucalyptus - 5st

    Seeded Eucalyptus - 5st

    These beaded eucalyptus are a designer favorite! Adding a meadow feel to your designs & her willow eucalyptus feel is stunning for the fall & winter season. 

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  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus - 10st Baby Blue Eucalyptus - 10st

    Baby Blue Eucalyptus - 10st

    Also referred as spiral eucalyptus , these eucalyptus are perfect upright foliages! A lovely dusty blue tone & strong fragrance, you can't go wrong to incorporate these foliages into your floral design or installation. 

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  • Dollar Eucalyptus - 10st Dollar Eucalyptus - 10st

    Dollar Eucalyptus - 10st

    Dusty blue eucalyptus, these coin like leafs are adorable! Highly seen in luxe , dreamy & dainty floral designs!

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  • leather leaf fern leather leaf fern close up

    Leather Leaf Fern - 15st.

    Leather Leaf Fern has a timeless elegance that effortlessly adds depth and texture to any arrangement. With its rich green fronds, this versatile foliage is a versatile greenery for crafting exquisite floral creations. We do supply Leather Leaf in a …

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  • bay leaf (laurel) bay leaf (laurel)

    Bay Leaf (Laurel) Foliage - GB

    With its glossy, deep-green foliage, the versatile bay leaf adds both visual appeal and a delightful scent, making them a tasteful addition to any bouquet or centerpiece.

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  • Maple Foliage Maple Foliage close up

    Maple Foliage - 10st.

    The fiery-red and golden hues of Maple leaves encapsulate the autumnal magic, making them an essential addition to your seasonal arrangements. Infuse your designs with the warmth and beauty of fall using our Maple Foliage!

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  • cotinus (smoke bush wig) foliage cotinus (smoke bush wig) foliage bunch

    Continus Foliage Red - 10st.

    Elevate your fall floral designs with captivating Cotinus Foliage! Tinted in rich autumn hues, this foliage infuses your arrangements with the warm and rustic essence of the season. Embrace the beauty of fall with this foliage.

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  • Nandina foliage Nandina foliage

    Nandina Foliage - 5st.

    Embrace fall with Nandina Foliage! With vibrant green, red, and orange hues, this exquisite foliage captures the essence of the season's splendor. 

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  • magnolia foliage stem magnolia bunch

    Magnolia Foliage - 5st.

    Elevate your floral designs with the timeless elegance of Magnolia Branches. With their glossy leaves and rustic appeal, these branches add a touch of sophistication and charm to any arrangement. These are perfect for any fall design!

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  • Israeli Ruscus - 10 stems Israeli Ruscus - 10 stems

    Israeli Ruscus - 10 stems

    Israeli ruscus are a popular and beautiful foliage with a vibrant green color and sturdy leaves.

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  • Acacia Pearl - 5 stems Acacia Pearl - 5 stems

    Acacia Pearl - 5 stems

    Pearl acacia are a stunning, dusty light blue! Coming in long length stems of 60cm, these are ideal for a upright design!

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  • Myrtle - 10 stems Myrtle - 10 stems

    Myrtle - 10 stems

    Myrtle is a perfect upright greenery! Available in a 60cm stem length.

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    wholesale silver fir wholesale silver fir

    Silver Fir - 2lbs

    These lush and vibrant bunches of silver fir foliage bring a touch of winter's beauty to any bouquet or centerpiece.  Preorder your winter greens now! Select shipping date during checkout.

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    princess pine for wholesale

    Princess Pine - 2lbs.

    These ethereal bundles of princess pine, with their dainty, needle-like leaves, add a touch of woodland enchantment to any arrangement. Whether used as a subtle accent or the main attraction, our...

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    noble fir bunch for wholesale noble fir bunch

    Noble Fir - 2lbs

    These majestic bundles of noble fir branches are a symbol of natural grandeur, featuring robust, blue-green needles that embody winter. The rich, fragrant aroma and lush appearance of our noble fir...

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    Variegated holly bunches for wholesale Variegated holly bunches for wholesale

    Variegated Holly - 5st.

    Infuse your floral arrangements with the spirit of the season using our exquisite variegated holly bunches. With their classic charm and holiday appeal, our variegated holly bunches are the perfect...

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